The Impact

We all want to do good and leave a lasting legacy but most of us don’t know where to start. This book offers you a insight to the journey of a social entrepreneur so you can make an impact.

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What Will You Get From This Book?

A practical Guide on How to be a Social entrepreneur, Solve Societal Issues & Make A Positive Impact

The Impact

Impact the lives of millions by benefiting humanity.

Change Maker

Be the changemaker that makes a difference to others.

Social Entrepreneurship

Give life to your ideas and offer solutions for society.


Leave a lasting legacy as a reminder of your contribution.


Give meaning to your life and live it with purpose.


Be a contributor rather than a consumer in life.

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Who This Book Is For?

Anyone who wants to make a positive change in society!

We all want to be remembered for making a difference during our time in this world, so whats stopping you?

don't be restricted to just solving a problem, learn how to address and manage the eco system that breads the problem.

Learning to become a social entrepreneur isn't taught at schools so seize the opportunity and make sure you make an impact.

Great visions are not bought they are developed, be part of the journey and invest in people with purpose.

Book Reviews

See what the scholars are saying

I enjoyed reading THE IMPACT and benefited from its spirituality and call to uprightness and honest endeavour. Allah bless the work and allow it to bring down the rains of Baraka and khayir.
Sh Yahya Ibrahim
Perth, Australia
I have had the honour of knowing Sajid as a friend and working with him as a colleague in many projects. He is one of the most driven, professional, and cooperative people I've worked with. His insight into developing Islamic social enterprises is surely invaluable.
Sh Abdul Wahab Saleem
Edmonton, Canada
There are not many social entrepreneurs such as the author, who has creatively and consistently shown how to give Islam a practical expression, in contemporary settings. This is a useful volume- publication that is much needed and should inspire readers.
Ml Ebrahim Bham
Johannesburg, South Africa
Live such that when you leave, it will be said, "The world is better because he was among us." For to live is not merely to draw breath.
Sh Yawar Baig
Massachusetts, USA
Learn from a Dawah Don, a go getter, a closer of deals and a man that makes things happen. That's Sajid Hussain for you in a nutshell.
Sh Bilal Ismail
Durban, South Africa
I've had the honour of working with Sajid Hussain on a number of projects in Malaysia and found his commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism infectious and inspiring.
Sh Tariq Appleby
Bursa, Turkey
We all have some sort of knowledge that can benefit others, but rarely do we know how to apply and share it most effectively. I've personally learned how to do that from Sajid who allowed me to be a part of some of his endeavours worldwide.
Sh Daood Butt
Toronto, Canada
I’ve known Saj for over 10 years and he reminds me of the good companion that the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam mention in the hadith of Abu Musa Al Ash’ari Radiallahu ‘Anh, “The example of a good companion and a bad one is like that of a musk seller and a blacksmith’s bellows.” You’ll always get something useful from him.
Sh Isam Rajab
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Adjr before the Udjrah, as the Arabic expression sounds. Which translates into; Reward before benefit! That is a different kind of social entrepreneurship, on of a higher level as it links also with spirituality and if there is someone I know that could amazingly talk and write about this subject, then it is brother SAJID as he breathes it and in this case leads by example. I hope people will benefit from what he shared in his book and are ready to read with their hearts and not with their eyes.
Sh Mohammed Cheppih
Antwerp, Belgium

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