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Sajid Hussain

Celebrated Social Entrepreneur & Change Expert 

With a global footprint of social projects impacting the lives of millions, Sajid is widely considered as one of the leading social entrepreneurs and changemakers in the world. As a Consultant, Trainer and Advisor his clients include Citibank, Shell, BNP Paribas, HSBC, Nomura, Mercy Mission, IBA, Al Sharq and many more.

As a presenter, Sajid Hussain possesses the rare ability to inspire an audience to take action and make a positive change in their lives and communities. He is knowledgeable about theories and methods in designing, developing and delivering successful programmes on entrepreneurship and business solutions for individuals, corporates and charities that lead to individuals realising their potential, teams providing impactful results and organisations achieving beyond their targets.

His #1 international bestsellers The Gift for young Muslim and aspiring entrepreneurs has been widely received around the world and his new book The Impact a must read for everyone who wants to make a social change in society has now been launched; making him one of the most eagerly anticipated authors in the world in the field of entrepreneur and social entrepreneurship.

#1 Bestselling Author

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Why Sajid Hussain is a Leader to Social Entrepreneurs

Sajid Hussain is one of the top social entrepreneur experts in the world, having successfully launched over 12 businesses globally, 35 social and charitable projects impacting millions of lives in the process. Sajid  provides ongoing coaching and consultancy to numerous prominent industry leaders around the world to drive positive change for a better future. 

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