The Maestro

Life Coach, Author, Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur. 

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My Book

An authentic guide on the making of an entrepreneur with everything you need to know to take control of your life, building your business & living your passion.


Over the decades my primary role has been to ensure that each and every client we engage is able to reach and achieve their desired goals through training programs, coaching services and personal development support.

Corporate Training
Tailored and customised training solutions for your organisation
The latest thinking and practices in establishing entrepreneurship opportunities
Businessman explaining financial scheme to his partners
Personalized 1-to-1 coaching to achieve your personal and professional goals
Trust and communication practices for successful relationships with others
1-to-1 counselling to overcome personal and professional issues
Youth Development
Practical life skills to ensure growth and competitive advantage in respective careers

The Passions

The Sajid Hussain Companies fulfil the promise of constantly ensuring that the tools, ideas, strategies, opportunities, techniques, methodologies, knowledge, and experiences gained are immediately shared. This way we can impact communities positively, increase the quality of the lives we touch, and be the portal for change by benefiting humanity.



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