About Me

Sajid Hussain

  • Trainer, Mentor, Speaker, Philanthropist, Consultant
  • Author of the books “THE GiFT” & “THE IMPACT”
    • Young Muslim Entrepreneur & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Serial and Social Entrepreneur:
    • Launched 12 businesses 
    • Launched 35 social projects WW
  • Studying PhD in Management (Ibn Haldun University)
  • Licenced Master Practitioner of NLP®
  • Certified in Social Entrepreneurship (Uni of Oxford)
  • Verified (CoA) Becoming an Entrepreneur by (MiTx)
  • Masters in Money, Banking & Finance (Middlesex Uni)
  • Certified Life Coach (Udemy) 
  • Certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

Sajid is a recognised and highly motivated Trainer, Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Philanthropist, Consultant, Serial and a Social Entrepreneur known globally as the “The Maestro”. Born, raised and educated in the UK, Sajid has over 25 years of experience as a Business Analyst and Trainer working for major financial corporations around the world including Wall Street, Dubai, Moscow and the City of London.

Sajid has a unique ability to connect with people, build lasting relationships and solve complex problems by offering practical and effective solutions. Over the years Sajid has travelled extensively to over 102 countries offering bespoke training to both public and private sector clients as well as government institutes. As a successful entrepreneur, Sajid has developed, launched and delivered creative product and services on a global platform thus allowing him to be recognised by his peers as leading and established serial entrepreneur.